KOYO Needle Roller Bearings


They can be an ideal choice because of their ability to handle a given level of speed and load capacity, yet have the smallest cross section of all roller bearing types.

At JTEKT we offer an extensive range of premium quality Koyo metric and inch needle roller bearings.

  • Radial Needle Roller and Cage Assemblies

  • Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings

  • Drawn Cup Roller Clutches

  • Heavy-duty Needle Roller Bearings

  • Track Rollers

  • Thrust Bearings, Assemblies, Washers

  • Combined Needle Roller Bearings

  • Zero clearance ball and needle bearings for steering columns

  • Needle Rollers, pins

  • Seals

    We have our own production facilities in the United States and Europe, and special customized products are available on demand. Our needle roller bearings are suitable for many applications such as:

  • Automatic Transmissions

  • Manual Transmissions

  • Valve train Components

  • Steering Columns

  • Automotive Accessories

  • Drivetrain Components

  • Power Transmissions

  • Sport Vehicles

  • Marine Applications

  • Power tools

  • Consumer products

  • Mechanical Pumps

  • Industrial Machinery

    Radial Needle Roller and Cage Assemblies

    Radial needle roller and cage assemblies have a steel cage that provides both inward and outward retention for the needle rollers. The sizes are ranging from 3 mm to 165 mm bore (0.1181 – 6.4961 inch).

    The designs provide maximum cage strength consistent with the inherently high load ratings of needle roller bearings. Accurate guidance of the needle rollers by the cage bars is allowing these bearings to operate at high speeds. Also available are needle roller and cage assemblies using molded, one-piece glass-reinforced engineered polymer cages. Needle roller and cage assemblies are manufactured with either one or two rows of needle rollers.


  • Automotive and truck transmissions

  • Agricultural and construction equipment

  • Two-cycle engines

  • Pumps and compressors

    Features and Benefits:

  • Unitized design simplifies handling and installation while allowing for increased lube flow.

  • Split and segmented designs allow mounting at difficult positions on crankshafts and gear shafts

  • Controlled contour rollers optimize contract stress distribution

  • Special manufacturing processes help increase roller fatigue resistance and minimize axial drift effects in critical applications.

  • Optimized cage piloting geometry minimizes pressure velocity effects.

  • Steel or polymer cages are available to suit your application requirements.

  • Coatings are available to help avoid corrosion and improve wear resistance.

    Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings

    Drawn cup needle roller bearings are available in 3 mm to 139.7 mm bore (0.1181 – 5.5000 inch). They support radial loads and reduce friction between rotating components, with a drawn outer shell serving as a raceway for the rollers. The small cross section of the drawn cup bearing provides high load-carrying capability with minimum required space. Drawn cup bearings are easily installed with a press fit in the housing.

    The outer ring in the form of a cup is accurately drawn and no subsequent machining is performed to build the outer raceway. Drawn cup needle roller bearings are available in open ends or single, closed-end designs. They are also available with one or two integral seals. Other options include a single lubricating hole and matching inner ring.


  • Transmissions

  • Transfer cases

  • Engines

  • Valve trains

  • Steering and breaking systems

  • Axle supports

  • Outboard engines

  • Power tools

  • Paper-moving equipment and appliances.

    Features and Benefits:

  • Available in two basic designs: full complement and caged

  • Full complement bearings handle high radial load-carrying capability. Caged bearings provide high speed and maximum lubricant-retention capability

    Drawn Cup Roller Clutches

    Drawn cup roller clutches and bearing assemblies are available in 3.2 mm to 35 mm bore (0.1250 – 1.3780 inch). These bearings are designed to transmit torque between the shaft and housing in one direction and allow free overrun in the opposite direction. When transmitting torque, either the shaft or the housing can be the input member. These designs use the same small radial section as drawn cup needle roller bearings and are offered as clutch-only units or as clutch and bearing assemblies.


  • Office equipment

  • Paper-towel dispensers

  • Exercise equipment and appliances

  • Two-speed gearboxes

    Features and Benefits:

  • Compact, lightweight and operate directly on a hardened shaft.

  • Installation is easily accomplished with a simple press fit.

    Heavy-duty Needle Roller Bearings

    Heavy-duty needle roller bearings are available in 5 mm to 335 mm bore (0.1969 – 13.1890 inch) and have machined and ground channel shaped outer rings with a complement of needle rollers retained and guided by a cage. The thick outer ring provides maximum load capacity and shock resistance with a relatively small radial cross section.

    These bearings are available in a wide range of inch and metric sizes plus an array of design features including: integral seals, side flanges (or separate end washers), inner rings, oil holes and single or double cage sets (or full complement) or rollers


  • Gear pumps

  • Sheaves

  • Automotive transmissions

  • Two-cycle engines

    Features and Benefits:

  • Thick outer ring provides maximum load capacity and shock resistance with a relatively small radial cross section.

  • Optimum speed and lubrication-retention capability.

    Track Rollers (Cam Followers)

    Our Stud type track rollers are available in 10 mm to 130 mm diameter (0.3937 – 5.1180 inch). The Yoke types are available in 10 mm to 300 mm diameter (0.3937 – 11.816 inch). They are characterized by their thick-walled outer rings that run directly on a track. The thick outer rings permit high load carrying capability while minimizing distortion and bending stresses.

    Track rollers are designed with outer rings of large radial cross section to withstand heavy rolling and shock loads on track-type or cam-controlled equipment. The outside diameters of the outer rings are either profiled or cylindrical. Profiled track rollers are designed to alleviate uneven bearing loading resulting from deflection, bending or misalignment in mounting. Stud-type track rollers are available with or without lip contact seals, or with shields. Yoke-type track rollers are designed for straddle mounting. Each yoke-type is available with both radial needle roller and cage assemblies, or with a single (or double) full complement row of cylindrical or needle rollers.


  • Ram support rollers

  • Material handling and indexing equipment

    Features and Benefits:

  • Available in two basic designs: with an inner ring for straddle mounting in a yoke or with an integral stud for cantilever mounting

  • High load-carrying capability with minimized distortion and bending stresses.

  • Extended service life under conditions of infrequent re-lubrication.

    Thrust Bearings, Assemblies, Washers

    Our thrust bearings are available in 5 mm to 240 mm (0.1969 – 9.4488 inch) and have a complement of needle rollers held in place by a cage.

    Thrust needle roller and cage assemblies are complements of small diameter needle rollers arranged in a spoke-like configuration. Needle rollers are equally spaced by means of a cage whose web section separates the rollers and provides guidance to keep them tracking in an orbital path. The purpose of these assemblies is to transmit a thrust load between two relatively rotating objects while greatly reducing friction.

    Thrust needle roller and cage assemblies also can be unitized with lipped washers which service as raceway surfaces for the needle rollers. Washers can be supplied separately or can be mechanically unitized to the needle roller thrust assemblies for ease of handling all types have very small cross sections. If the backup surfaces cannot be used as raceways, hardened washers are available. Thrust bearings are also available with needle rollers or heavier cylindrical rollers for high load-carrying capacity.


  • Automotive automatic and manual transmissions

  • Automotive accessories (compressors, steering gears etc.)

  • Agricultural and construction equipment

    Features and Benefits:

  • One-way fool-proof assembly features, anti-rotation locking features and lubrication flow enhancements.

  • High-speed performance and application flexibility.

    Combined Needle Roller Bearings

    Combined bearings consist of a radial bearing (needle roller bearing) and a thrust bearing (needle or cylindrical roller bearing). They are available in 5.000 mm -70.000 mm bore (0.1966 – 2.7559 inch). Some combined bearings are constructed similar to drawn cups, but with an added thrust bearing component. Like other needle roller bearings, these combined bearings can be matched with an optional inner ring or thrust washer as the opposing raceway.


  • Industrial applications

  • Machine tools

  • Automotive transmissions

    Features and Benefits:

  • Available with needle roller or cylindrical roller thrust component

  • Machined and drawn outer rings are available

  • Some sizes available with integral dust caps

  • An effective alternative to separate radial and thrust bearings.

    Needle Rollers, Accessories

    Loose needle and cylindrical rollers are mainly used as bearing rolling elements to reduce friction and torque rotating and pivoting applications. However, these precision rollers have many other uses, such as shaft or locating pins. Diameters are available from 1 mm to 15 mm (0.0394 – 0.5906 inch) Lengths are available from 2.5 mm to 69 mm (0.0984 – 2.7165 inch)


  • Vehicle and industrial transmissions

  • Universal joints

  • Two-cycle engines

    Features and Benefits:

  • Cylindrical and needle sizes are available

  • Needle rollers are available with flat and round ends

  • Metric series needle rollers available in 2,3 or 5 grades

  • Provide maximum load-carrying capacity, within the smallest envelope, at a low cost

    Metric inner rings are available in 5 mm bore (0.1969 inch) to 180 mm (7.0866 inch) outer diameter and are made from bearing-quality steel and their diameter and bore are precision-ground. They function as the inner raceway for a needle roller bearing by providing a surface that meets all shaft raceway design requirements (hardness, surface finish, roundness etc.)


  • Automotive

  • Truck

  • Power transmissions

  • Industrial applications

    Features and Benefits:

  • Available with and without chamfers

  • Some are available with a profiled outer diameter

  • When it is not practical to manufacture the shaft to raceway quality, an inner ring allows a customer to obtain acceptable bearing performance