Driveline Components

Automotive customers are looking to their suppliers to continually provide lower-weight, less-mass driveline components to increase efficiency without sacrificing performance.

Through proven innovation, a unique expertise in bearing and motion technology, JTEKT is an industry leader in helping our customers deliver the efficiency and performance their customers expect. See our driveline products below.


Constant Velocity Joint [CVJ] with Half-Shaft

Features and Benefits:
  • Family design delivers consistent quality and performance
  • Seamless integration with unique customer specifications provides for easier placement in the vehicle
  • Reduced mass and smaller outer diameter provides more efficiency without sacrificing performance
  • Lower internal friction and less idle vibration results in a much more comfortable ride





Intelligent Torque Control Coupling [ITCC]

Features and Benefits:
  • Sensors distribute force based road surface and driving conditions providing superior handling and maneuverability
  • Compact, light weight design allows for greater fuel efficiency
  • Excellent compatibility with ABS breaking systems
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Torsen® Limited-Slip Differentials [LSD]


JTEKT Torsen brand limited-slip differentials provide continuous optimal distribution of torque as driver input and road surface conditions change delivering unsurpassed drivability not possible with other differentials.

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