Driveline Components


The driving force generated at the engine is transmitted to four tires with driveline components. JTEKT's driveline product line includes a wide variety of pumps, drivetrains, and torque control devices. 



JTEKT provides versitile solutions for all types of automotive pumps. Whether your need is electro-mechanical, mechanical, fixed, or variable displacement, JTEKT has the capability to engineer and build all types of pumps. Our pumps are found in engines, transmissions, CVT's, power steering systems, and AWD couplings.


Download Pump Brochure: JTEKT_Pump_Brochure.pdf


Loose Pump Vanes


Mechanical Pumps

(Engine, Transmission, CVT, Steering, other)


Variable Displacement Pump

(Vane Type, Gear Type, Internal Gear Type)



ITCC:: is a technology used in an overwhelming share of four-wheel vehicles (4wds) produced by manufacturers around the world. The key element of the 4WD systems to function to switch between 2WD and 4WD according to road and driving conditions, enabling the optimal amount of torque (driving force) to be transferred to the rear wheels, supporting tough driving performance.

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TORSEN High Performance Differential Gear:  TORSEN (torque-sensive limited slip differential) optimally distributes driving force from the engine to each of the four wheels using a special gear mechanism. Optimal instantaneous torque distribution enhances variable aspects of driving performance including vehicle cornering and standing-starts on slippery road surfaces. In the sports car market where driving enjoyment is a major factor, TORSEN has become renowned around the world.

Download TORSEN Brochure: JTEKT_Torsen.pdf