Electric Motor Repair


As the owner of a small manufacturing company, Wayne knows all too well that over half of all electric motor failures are bearing related, and downtime due to breakdowns or equipment that doesn’t operate efficiently can be very costly. Meeting production requirements on time is critical to his business.

Electric motors are found in everything from pumps and compressors, to heating and cooling systems, to hoists and material handling equipment. The breakdown of even the smallest part can result in big problems and delays.

According to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) over half of all electric motor failures are bearing related. Consequently, the electric motor designer/ rebuilder needs to carefully consider the application requirements when selecting bearing types and mounting arrangements.

Bearings are a major component of electric motors and are responsible for axially locating the rotor, keeping the air gap between the rotor and stator small and consistent, as well as supporting and transferring the rotor and shaft loads to the motor frame. Along with these requirements, electric motors demand bearings that will allow variable speed operation with minimum friction, noise, and power consumption.

Koyo has been providing reliable quality products to the North American electric motor replacement (EMR) market and Original Equipment Manufacturers since 1958. Over those 60+ years Koyo Engineers have gained valuable experience providing solutions to the toughest electric motor applications including:

Mill Duty Motors

Increased downtime and high energy costs are often associated with electric motors found in mill duty applications. Typically motors in these environments face high levels of contamination, heavy loads, and high duty cycles.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s)

With the large demand for increased energy efficiency, the use of VFD’s has also increased. As a result of more frequent VFD usage there has been a rise in motor bearing failure due to the increased introduction of stray or “dirty” electrical current that causes electrical discharge damage or “fluting” in the motor bearings. To combat this, Hybrid-Ceramic Bearings are recommended based on their insulating properties.

Wind Turbine Generators

Generators convert the mechanical energy obtained from the wind into electrical energy. Radial ball bearings are the most commonly used bearing due to the low friction and capacity requirements of this application.

Koyo offers a broad range of bearing solutions to the EMR market including our EXSEV series of Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearings which offer:

  • Elimination of electric arcing or fluting for extended bearing life
  • Non-magnetic and non-conductive
  • Dimensionally interchangeable with current bearings
  • Increased speeds (up to 50% higher than steel ball bearings) resulting from ceramic balls being 60% lighter than steel balls
  • Improved cost efficiency through reduced downtime, maintenance and replacement
  • Eliminates the need for insulated sleeves

Wayne may not know the role Koyo played in keeping his equipment up and running, and that’s okay. We’re just proud to do our part helping to ensure that he can meet his customer’s deadlines.