The Highest Quality Steering and Driveline Components Mean Safety and Comfort Where It Matters Most
JTEKT Value and Technology

A systems supplier capable of providing a complete spectrum of steering systems, JTEKT employs technology to create new value while pioneering new frontiers in environmental friendliness, safety, and comfort.

Technical expertise and refined sensitivity based on extensive experience enable JTEKT to create steering systems providing both superior feeling and performance. Today's users seek advanced control that minimizes environmental impact and maximizes safety, and JTEKT is responding by creating systems featuring such control as well as lower energy consumption, reduced size and weight, increased output, and lower inertia that contribute worldwide to the advance of automakers and motorization.

The Purpose of JTEKT's Existence:

JTEKT is a technology-oriented company able to move industries, the times, and people's hearts. Through the merger of their knowledge and experience, Koyo Seiko and Toyoda Machine Works have formed a company with the technical capability to achieve dramatic manufacturing innovation in Japan and worldwide based on highly reliable and advanced technology. JTEKT's commitment is to obtain the satisfaction of customers and contribute strongly to the advance of a sustainable society.